October 1, 2017

High dose IV vitamin C therapy in conjunction with chemotherapy

It is known that high levels of vitamin C administered intravenously work as a pro-oxidant. This means that vitamin C causes degeneration and death of cells by oxidation.
Current knowledge suggests that when ascorbic acid (vitamin C) is infused intravenously, it bypasses the intestinal tract and readily reaches the extracellular space, i.e. the space outside a cell occupied by extracellular fluid.
It is here that the vitamin C interacts with metals such as iron and copper to form hydrogen peroxide, a highly reactive free radical. The hydrogen peroxide then diffuses into the cancer cell where it causes death to the cancer cell.
Normal or healthy cells have a high level of an enzyme called catalase, that quickly degrades the hydrogen peroxide into water thereby protecting the cell from damage. Contrastingly, the levels of this crucial enzyme (catalase) are insignificant in the extracellular space and in cancer cells; therefore, the hydrogen peroxide causes the demise of the cancer cell. Hence, high dose vitamin C therapy is unique in its propensity for killing cancer cells, while sparing healthy cells.
Many studies published in medical journals such as Cancer Treatment Review and the Journal of Chemotherapy indicated that conjunctive iv vitamin C therapy resulted in either increased survival times, increased tumor responses, or both, as well as fewer toxicities than controls.
Benefits of the IV administration of high dose vitamin C
• IV route is the only route to reach therapeutic concentrations
• IV vitamin C stops proliferation of cancer cells by inhibiting the enzyme hyaluronidase which cancer cells produce to break down and invade healthy tissues
• IV vitamin C is preferentially toxic to cancer cells by increasing intracellular hydrogen peroxide. Cancer cells cannot process the hydrogen peroxide due to a lack of the enzyme catalase, which normal cells have an abundance of
• IV vitamin C works alongside chemotherapy
• IV vitamin C helps prevent cellular free radical damage
• IV vitamin C extends energy, and gives the skin a vibrant youthful appearance

Umit Cetinkaya, M.D.
Internal Medicine